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This new site is dedicated to the best classic high fidelity audio equipment from the 1960s to, aproximately, the mid-1980s. This UK-based site is designed to compliment the best of the vintage audio sites already on the World Wide Web.

You'll find a heavy bias towards Japanese equipment here simply because more interesting high-end audio gear has been produced in that country over the last forty years or so than anywhere else. Also, we feel that much of the outstanding high-end kit from Japan has been sadly ignored by the British hi-fi magazines and is therefore often underrated or simply unknown in the United Kingdom.

This does not mean, however, that we will ignore some of the excellent audio hardware that has been manufactured in the UK and elsewhere, so alongside the best vintage equipment from Kenwood, Sony and Yamaha, etc., we'll also feature the finest hardware from companies such as Garrard, QUAD, Linn, SME, Tannoy, Leak, Rogers, Lenco, Thorens, Tandberg, McIntosh and Acoustic Research, etc.

This website will be useful to enthusiasts and collectors of vintage audio gear buying and selling such items on eBay. Each featured item includes an eBay price guide which we feel is a very important part of the site. The eBay price guidance is a result of literally thousands of hours of eBay watching over the last ten years. The results of this eBay watching are continually fed into a database which currently holds details of over 6500 eBay transactions! A "LED rating score" is given for all equipment featured ranging from zero to ten green LEDs according to desirabilty and performance. A separate one to ten LED score is also given for the rarity of every featured item.


Recent Site Updates:-

19/10/2013 Added Linn Axis Writeup
19/10/2013 Added Denon PMA-850 and TU-850 writeups
19/10/2013 Added Denon & Linn Pages
October 2013 Cleaned Site following a hacking attack!!
29/6/2012 Added Technics ST-G7 Tuner
5/6/2012 General tidy-up and bug fixing
5/6/2012 Added new "LED Rating System" for desirability & rarity
5/6/2012 Added Technics ST-8077K Tuner
4/6/2012 Added Technics Page and Technics SL-1200 MK2 Series
4/5/2012 Added Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak album review
21/1/2012 Added Rush - 2112 album review
21/1/2012 Added Classic Albums Page
28/8/2011 Pioneer TX-9500 writeup
28/8/2011 Added Hit Counter
28/8/2011 Pioneer SA-9800, SA-8800 & TX-9800 writeups
28/8/2011 Pioneer Page
21/8/2011 Sony ST-A6B & TC-229SD writeups
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This site is still being built but content is growing all the time. Please keep checking back for updates.

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