Sansui AU-819 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Image attribution: Sansui sales brochure

Max. RMS Power into 8 Ohms per channel 90 Watt
Total harmonic distortion at rated output 0.008%
Slew Rate +/- 200V/micro sec.
Rise time 0.5 micro sec.
Phono inputs 3
Line level inputs 2
Number of tape loops 2
Phono equaliser Yes: MM & MC
Headphone output Yes, front mounted socket
Power consumption 465 Watt
Width x Height x Depth (cm) 43.0 x 16.8 x 42.8
Weight (Kg) 21.1
When manufactured 1979 - 1981
UK new price 400 (in 1979)
eBay price guide (full working order and in good condition) 175 - 275 Rating
Rarity (in UK)


The Sansui AU-819 was second only to the AU-919 in Sansui's line up of 1979. In terms of circuit design and performance it is closer to the AU-919 than the AU-719. Like the 919 and unlike the lower-end models this amplifier has a "Jump" switch (to bypass the tone controls and the loudness switch, balence control and filters) in addidtion to a tone defeat switch. It also, very usefully, has a built-in high quality moving coil head amp. The AU-819 has three turntable inputs (you never see that on modern amps!!!).

Image attribution: Sansui sales brochure

The AU-819 is a very rare beast (virtually extinct in the UK) but you do see them occasionally on eBay Germany ( and eBay USA ( The sound quality would be best described as powerful, smooth, very natural and slightly warm while still providing plenty of punch and detail. Like many 1970's Japanese amplifiers, the presentation is slightly laid back compared to more modern amps such as those from Audiolab/TAG MacLaren or Naim but it sounds very musical and is unfatiging to listen to for long periods.

Like all Sansui's amplifiers and tuners manufactured in the late 1970's the AU-819 has a thick aluminium front panel painted in matt black. It looks tasteful but the paint finish can be easily chipped/scratched when subjected to careless handling. When new, the AU-819 was supplied with professional style rack mounting handles to allow mounting into a 19" equipment rack. The rack handles are attached to the sides of the unit by two screws and are of course detachable.

AU-819 amplifier, TU-717 tuner and SC-2110 cassette deck in Sansui GX-5 rack
Image attribution: Sansui sales brochure

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