Sansui SR-929 Integrated Turntable

The Sansui SR-929 was a quality direct drive turntable in high gloss black lustre finish with a concrete-resin base
Image attribution: Sales brochure scan

Speeds 33, 45 RPM
Type of operation Manual
Drive method Direct drive (quartz servo controlled)
Motor 20 pole, 30 slot DC brushless type with built-in frequency generator
Wow & Flutter < 0.028% (WRMS)
Rumble -74 dB (DIN-B)
Platter Material Aluminium alloy
Platter weight (Kg) 1.4
Platter mat material Rubber
Standard arm Yes, S-shaped with SME type detachable headshell
Dust Cover Yes, acrylic, hinged
Stroboscope Yes
Fine speed adjustment Yes
Width x Height x Depth (cm) 49.0 x 17.3 x 38.1
Weight (Kg) 17.1
When manufactured 1977 to 1979
UK new price No data
eBay price guide (full working order and in good, clean condition) Anywhere between 300 and 550 Rating


This heavyweight PLL quartz servo controlled direct drive turntable sat at the top of Sansui's range in the late seventies and is probably the best turntable the company ever produced.

It's obvious that a significant amount of engineering effort went into it's development including some original thinking such as a very heavy resin-concrete base to suppress and control resonances.

It's a very attractive looking 'table too! These are very rare so expect to pay several hundred pounds if you ever manage to find one on eBay.

Image attribution: Sales brochure scan

Image attribution: Sales brochure scan

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