Sansui TU-217 AM/FM Stereo Tuner

Image attribution: Unknown eBay auction 2002-2003.
This picture is the later version with the straight rather than curved graphics on the meters,

Wavebands FM, AM (Medium Wave only)
Number of FM gangs 3
Number of AM gangs 2
Center Tune Indication analogue meter (not illuminated)
Signal Strength Meter Analogue (not illuminated)
Switchable MPX filter No
FM IF Band Switch No
Analogue tuning dial Yes (not illuminated)
Flywheel assisted tuning knob Yes
FM stereo 50dB quietening sensitivity No data
Ultimate S/N Ratio 78dB (mono), 74dB (stereo)
FM capture ratio 1.0
Width x Height x Depth (cm) 43.0 (48.0 with rack handles) x 11.0 x 34.7
Weight (Kg) No data
When manufactured 1977 to 1981
UK new price 100 (in 1979)
eBay price guide (full working order and in good condition) 20 - 35 Rating


The Sansui TU-217 is a high quality but basic tuner. It is well made, good looking and provides excellent sound quality with a good signal. The prices on eBay are very low for the performance and quality offered which makes it outstanding value for money for the shrewd audiophile on a limited budget.

It is very similar in appearance to the slightly more expensive TU-317 but it omits the TU-317's "noise canceller" switch and lacks illumination for the tuning scale and the meters. The audio circuitry is identical to the 317.

Like all Sansui's amplifiers and tuners manufactured in the late 1970's the TU-217 has a thickish aluminium front panel (thinner than Sansui's high models) painted in matt black. It looks very tasteful but the paint finish can be easily chipped/scratched when subjected to careless handling. When new, the TU-217 was supplied with professional style rack mounting handles to allow mounting into a 19" equipment rack. The rack handles are attached to the sides of the unit by two screws and are of course detachable.

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