Trio / Kenwood 600T FM Tuner

The Trio 600T was the predecessor of the amazing Trio KT-917 and by all accounts is just as good!

The image below is taken from a Trio ad in the May 1979 issue of Hi-Fi News & Record Review:-

The specifications table below is incomplete and will be updated as soon as I can get the necessary information.

Wavebands FM only
Number of FM gangs 8 (actually 9, but 2 are tied together)
Number of AM gangs N/A
Center Tune Indication Illuminated analogue meter
Signal Strength Meter Analogue (illuminated)
Multipath/Deviation Meter Analogue (illuminated)
Switchable MPX filter Yes
FM IF Band Switch Yes, 3-way (wide/normal/narrow)
Illuminated analogue tuning dial Yes
Flywheel assisted tuning knob Yes
Mono 50dB quietening sensitivity No data
Frequency Response No data
Sensitivity, mono, s/n 26 dB, 40kHz Dev. No data
Sensitivity, stereo, s/n 46 dB, 46kHz Dev. No data
Ultimate S/N Ratio (DIN) No data
Ultimate S/N Ratio (IHF) No data
FM capture ratio No data
Total Harmonic Distortion, Mono (DIN) No data
Total Harmonic Distortion, Stereo (DIN) No data
No. of 75 Ohm aerial inputs 2 (with front panel switching)
Width x Height x Depth (cm) No data
Weight (Kg) No data
When manufactured 1976 to 1979
UK new price No data
eBay price guide (full working order and in good condition) 300 - 450 GBP Rating

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