Trio / Kenwood KT-917 FM Tuner

More pictures coming soon!

Wavebands FM only
Number of FM gangs 9 (no, this is not a misprint!)
Number of AM gangs N/A
Center Tune Indication Illuminated analogue meter
Signal Strength Meter Analogue (illuminated)
Multipath/Deviation Meter Analogue (illuminated)
Switchable MPX filter Yes
FM IF Band Switch Yes, 3-way (wide/normal/narrow)
Illuminated analogue tuning dial Yes, dimmable
Flywheel assisted tuning knob Yes
Mono 50dB quietening sensitivity 3.4 uV
Frequency Response 10 Hz to 16 KHz, +0.2 dB, -0.5 dB
Sensitivity, mono, s/n 26 dB, 40kHz Dev. 0.75 uV
Sensitivity, stereo, s/n 46 dB, 46kHz Dev. 25 uV
Ultimate S/N Ratio (DIN) 84dB (mono), 70dB (stereo)
Ultimate S/N Ratio (IHF) 90dB (mono), 84dB (stereo)
FM capture ratio 0.8 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion, Mono (DIN) 0.1% (narrow: 1KHz, 40kHz Dev.)
Total Harmonic Distortion, Stereo (DIN) 0.2% (narrow: 1KHz, 46kHz Dev.)
No. of 75 Ohm aerial inputs 2 (with front panel switching)
Width x Height x Depth (cm) 46.0 x 16.1 x 46.3
Weight (Kg) 15Kg
When manufactured 1979 to 1980
UK new price 780 GBP (in 1979)
eBay price guide (full working order and in good condition) 300 - 450 GBP Rating

The Trio KT-917 tuner (known as the Kenwood KT-917 outside of the UK and Japan) was the most technically advanced high-end FM tuner upon it's launch in 1979. It replaced, and bettered, the already world-beating Trio 600T. If there was ever a better tuner than the Trio KT-917 then I have yet to hear it - and I've used many high-end tuners in my time! This tuner is simply OUTSTANDING - radio does not get any better than this!

Unfortunately I have not had chance to compare it with the Sansui TU-X1 but hopefully I'll get the opportunity one day. I have compared it side by side with the highly regarded Sansui TU-9900, however. The Trio is slightly more sensitive (as one would expect given it's 9 gang tuning capacitor) and more selective. As far as sound quality is concerned, the KT-917 is the clear winner although the Sansui sounds very enjoyable. The Trio is the more neutral sounding tuner with a clearer, more accurate and slightly more precise sound. The TU-9900, by contrast, sounds slightly warmer and is more flattering to poor broadcasts from commercial pop stations but is not as neutral and fails to get the best out of the top quality broadcasters (i.e. BBC Radio 2 and Radio 3).

Better pictures of my own KT-917 will be posted soon.

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