Sony PS-6750 Stereo Turntable

The Sony PS-6750 was a was a high-end turntable from circa 1976.
Image attribution: Gary Tiballs, UK. Used with permission.

Speeds 33, 45 RPM
Type of operation Manual
Drive method Direct drive
Motor No Data
Wow & Flutter (claimed) No Data
Platter Material Aluminium alloy
Platter weight (Kg) No Data
Platter mat material Rubber, filled with silicon fluid
Standard arm Yes, S-shaped, carbon fibre with die cast magnesium detachable headshell
Dust Cover Yes, acrylic, hinged with anti-static grid
Stroboscope Yes
Fine speed adjustment Yes
Width x Height x Depth (cm) 45.6 x 18.5 x 37.5
Weight (Kg) 13.5 (approximate)
When manufactured circa 1976
UK new price No Data
eBay price guide (full working order and in good condition) No Data Rating

The PS-6750 was one of the best turntables Sony ever made and was manufactured during the golden age of high fidelity audio in the mid to late 1970's. It was beautifully built and finished. This deck uses direct drive two speed (33,45) motor with individual fine speed adjustment controls for each speed. The platter mat is unusual in that it filled with silicon fluid, the idea being to damp resonances in the record.

The plinth is in two parts, the upper section is compression moulded mineral loaded compound which has high rigidity and low resonance properties, this sits on the lower section which is a weighty wooden structure, this has been lined with bitumen sound deadening pads, making the whole assembly very solid and non-resonant.

The arm is made from carbon fibre which gives it greater rigidity and lower mass compared to equivalent metal tube arms. The headshell is a magnesium casting which has a collar that can be loosened, this allows you to slide the headshell along it's mounting shaft to faciliate easy adjustment of the cartridge tracking angle and the overhang. The arm was well engineered with no play in the bearings and the arm height was adjustable. Instead of the more usual captive interconnect lead, it has phono sockets on the back to allow the owner to select his/her own interconnect leads. The lid has an anti-static grid on it, which is designed to prevent static effecting tone arm performance.

The Sony PS-6750 is pretty scarce in the UK as most British audiophiles buying a turntable in it's price category tended to favour belt drive turntables (from manufacturers such as, Linn, Thorens, Ariston, etc.) due to brain washing by the UK hi-fi press. I have only seen three or four of these decks on eBay UK in the last 6 years.

The S-shaped arm is a quality affair constructed from carbon fibre.
Image attribution: Gary Tiballs, UK. Used with permission.

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